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10 ways to use your Personal Chimp Account

Leslie Strudwick September 2, 2011

So you like the idea of a Chimp Fund, but you’re not quite sure how to make the most of it? There’s the standard of course, add money to your fund when you can and then send it out when you’re inspired. But there are lots of other ways to get you chimping.* We’ve got ten here and would love to hear about any others you might have.

1. Make birthday gifts charitable
Rather than searching for presents for your family and friends (who probably already have everything they need), chimp them so they can feel good about giving to a charity that means something to them.

2. Bad news stories
The earthquake in Haiti really struck a nerve with you, and it still stings when you see update stories. Next time you see one that makes you want to take action, add money to your Chimp Fund. Then when you have time, search for a charity working in Haiti trying to resolve an issue that resonates most with you.

3. Good news stories
You just saw a news clip on the emperor penguin that inexplicably ended up in New Zealand on his own. Inspired by those who saved and rehabilitated him, drop money in your fund and make a mental note to look for an animal-friendly charity.

4. Repay a favour
Your buddy won’t take gas money for the ride to Kelowna, so chimp him $20 instead. Say thanks for dinner at a friend’s, to the neighbour who lent you his saw, or for whatever deserves a nod of recognition.

5. Give a charitable allowance
There’s no better way to teach your kids about giving than by letting them give. Chimp them a charitable allowance. Or do it for chores –$1 for clearing the table and $2 for washing dishes by hand.

6. Bad habits can be good for charity
You’re habitually late for meetings. Rather than just being apologetic, hold yourself more accountable; pledge to drop $1 into your fund for every minute you’re late.

7. Be regular
Set up a recurring donation so you can be generous on a monthly basis without even having to think about it. Better yet, ask your employer to sign up for a Corporate Fund and have them match your donations. When you’re ready to choose a charity (or several), you’ll have amassed a nice pile to pass on.

8. Go easy on excess
You buy a Starbucks every morning, lucky you. Skip Friday’s latte and chimp your fund the savings. Or save yourself from a headache and do the same instead of having a forth glass of wine that night.

9. Feel good about yourself – x2
When you’ve achieved a personal goal – like losing 10 pounds – feel even better about yourself by adding to your fund or giving to a cause you care about.

10. Giving for God
Do you believe in the practice of tithing, zakat or your religion’s equivalent? Use your Chimp Fund to keep track of it easily.

Have you used your fund in another way? Got a great idea for chimping that you want to share?Add it in the comments below. We'd love to hear it.

*Chimp: (v) send money from your Chimp Fund to a person or a charity; use your Chimp fund

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