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Benefits of Claiming Your Chimp Charity Page

Lisa Manfield March 23, 2015

Did you know that as a registered charity, you get access to a customizable Chimp charity page, and to free donor communication and fundraising tools?

Anyone can give to your charity through Chimp, but you can increase the likelihood that people will do so with a few simple steps.

By signing up for your Chimp Charity Account, you can make the donor experience more personal, and save yourself time on administration. Here’s how:

1. Personalize Your Page

Customize your charity profile page on Chimp by uploading your logo and adding a description that highlights your work and invites potential donors to get involved.

2. Thank Donors

Once you’re set up with a Chimp Charity Account, you get access to tools that allow you to thank donors personally for every donation they make (even anonymous ones).

3. Access Donor Information

Download donor information and import it into your donor management system.

4. Benefit from Direct Deposit

You can opt to have donations sent to you by direct deposit, so you get your money faster and more frequently. Charities signed up for direct deposit receive donations bi-weekly, rather than monthly.

5. Get a Donate Button for Your Website

You’ll also have the option to download a Donate button for your website, so that people can give to you on our site and on yours. With a Donate button, donors stay on your site and you get their donor information.

Ready to sign up for your free Chimp Charity Account? Simply fill out the form or contact us at 1-877-531-0580 or hello@chimp.net.

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