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Is Your Company Making the Most of Giving Tuesday?

Lisa Manfield November 26, 2014

Being charitable at work can be so much more impactful than simply writing a cheque. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on what matters to your company -- and to your staff. It’s a chance to come together with employees and customers to rally around causes they care about.

Infusing charity into your business can also make work more meaningful -- during the holiday season, and all year long. Take a look at how these companies made charity work for them to boost morale, productivity and meaningful collaboration.

How to Boost Your Corporate Charitable Impact this Giving Season

This holiday season, kick off your corporate giving on Giving Tuesday (December 2), a conscientious day of charitable giving that leads right into giving season.

Although it originated in the US, after the indulgences of American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday now takes place in more than 10 countries worldwide. Last year, its first year in Canada, #GivingTuesday reached an international audience of two billion, and attracted more than 40,000 visitors to the Canadian Giving Tuesday website.

This year, it’s poised to be even bigger. What started as a grassroots movement to give back to charitable causes after a weekend of spending on ourselves, has become the perfect way to kick off corporate giving season.

2 Ways Companies Can Leverage Giving Tuesday

Countless studies have shown that giving to charity improves health, increases happiness and instills a sense of purpose. And having the opportunity to be charitable at work boosts morale and employee retention.

Through incentivized and supported charitable contributions, you can genuinely engage your employees on a day that celebrates giving. Here are two easy ways:

Give Charitable Dollars

On Giving Tuesday, give the gift of giving. With Chimp you can give charitable dollars directly to your employees, clients and customers, which they can give to any Canadian charity of their choice throughout the holiday season.

Rather than giving employees token gifts, send every employee $10 charitable dollars to give to their favourite cause

Launch a Corporate Giving Campaign

Kick off your holiday giving campaign on December 2. Support the causes and charities that matter most to your employees, clients and customers, or choose a Canadian charity (or charities) that closely align with your company’s values, and invite your team and customers to join you in giving.

Launch a campaign in support of a charity doing work that aligns with your company values. You can choose any cause, charity or multiple charities in Canada that resonate with your brand

Our all-inclusive corporate giving solution requires no software installation, and setup and admin time is minimal. And we can help you craft a giving season strategy that works for you.

Want to celebrate the holiday season charitably with your staff and clients? Call us at 1-877-531-0580 or email hello@chimp.net.

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