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Amber Regier April 12, 2017

We're still riding the high on our latest milestone: $200 Million in processed donations since our founding. That’s millions of dollars from everyday people like you that have been sent to deserving charities across Canada who do great work around the world.

So we thought we’d continue the celebrations and highlight a new feature that we’ve recently added to the Chimp Account. From now on, you will automatically receive $10 when you sign up with Chimp to help jumpstart your giving. No credit card entry required.  

$10 can go a lot further than you might think. $10 can provide children with meals, a school uniform, books, or art supplies. It can go towards seeds so people can grow their own vegetables, a hygienic care pack, or supply a family in a developing country with a mini stove. This is just a small list to show the impact that even the smallest of donations can do.

So don’t wait to get started with your very own Chimp Account. Sign up now and get $10 to give away to a cause that matters to you: https://chimp.net/users/new

*Subject to availability 

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