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Learn:Charity Directory

admin May 27, 2013

Learn:Charity is all about helping each of us understand the charity sector and spirit of giving better. But with so many topics to cover, we thought a directory might help. So here it is, in full brilliant text format, which we'll update along the way. You can keep this post saved as a reference point.

Where It Started and Why. Learning Charity From The Beginning.

It's The Law:
Learning The Difference Between a Non-Profit Organization and a Charity. 
The Four Heads Of Charity.
The Other Head Of Charity

Making Informed Donation Decisions:
So Much Choice: How Do You Decide Where To Donate
3 Mistakes To Avoid When Evaluating A Charity
No Strings Attached (asks some good questions for charities to ask themselves, and in turn provides donors with questions to ask of charities)

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