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Make Giving Thanks More Meaningful this Thanksgiving

Lisa Manfield October 3, 2014

Thanksgiving is a busy time for my family -- much like it is for most during holiday weekends. Three generations gather around my parents’ kitchen table while the turkey roasts and the sounds of occasional cheers arise from the football game playing on TV in the living room. Sometimes we play board games, or we simply catch up over a glass of wine. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is actually a day for showing gratitude for the bounty in our lives.

Giving thanks can be as simple as taking a moment to consider all that we are thankful for. But there are also easy ways to turn that expression of thanks into action and make Thanksgiving even more meaningful.

Here are three ways to do just that this year -- on your own, or together with your family and friends.

Donate to charityMake a Donation to Your Favourite Charity

Give thanks by giving back. One good way to give back is to make a donation to a charity whose work you believe in. With a Chimp account, you can do this quickly and easily — and you’ll receive a tax receipt automatically.

If you’re not sure where to give, think about what you’re thankful for. Whether it’s sports, nature, your health or the arts, many areas you feel grateful about likely have associated charities looking for support. With over 80,000 charities in Canada, there is something for everyone.

Start a Giving GroupGive Together with Family and Friends

Contribute to a cause you believe in together with your family and friends. As you gather for your Thanksgiving meal, encourage your guests to take the money they would have put into hostess gifts or decorations and donate it to charity instead. Set up a Chimp Giving Group to showcase your cause and invite them to join you in supporting it.

You could also liven up your giving — and your Thanksgiving gathering — with charitable games. Add a charitable component to card games, trivia challenges, charades or any game your group loves to play. Every player donates an “entry fee” to your Giving Group. Then, the winner gets to choose which charity benefits from the contributions.

Give charitable giftsGive Charitable Gifts

Thanksgiving might not traditionally be associated with gift giving, but if you’re attending a special dinner or group gathering, it’s always nice to bring your host a token of appreciation.

This year, make your gift unique and meaningful by giving charitable dollars that your recipients can give to any Canadian charity of their choice. Using your Chimp account, simply choose to give money to your friends and family and enter their email address. They’ll be prompted to access your gift by setting up their own Chimp account. Then, they can choose how they would like to literally pay it forward.

Of course, charitable gifts don’t have to be exclusive to Thanksgiving. You can give back at any celebration or for any holiday, and make giving a part of your everyday life.

Your charitable spirit is what we’re thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Chimp!

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