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Why We're Giving Away $100,000 For You To Give To Charity

Ryan Jones December 1, 2016

Have you ever come across any old videos or school assignments of yourself when you were young, when you had to answer questions like, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” or “who is your hero?” Our answers were all over the place, but a lot of us wanted to do things like cure cancer, or be a firefighter, or save the rainforest.

Everything seemed possible, and we generally looked at the world through that dualism of right and wrong, the superheroes and the villains. We couldn’t handle the idea of injustice. We couldn’t handle the idea of bad things happening around us.

And then we grew up and life sort of happened, our jobs slowly took over, and a lot of us grew jaded and complacent. Sometimes the news can drive us into spurts of outrage and Twitter rants, but how often does that feeling actually stick with us and drive us to action? How often do we put our money where our mouths are (or our fingers on our keyboards)?

That’s why we’re launching #GiveOn, because we want YOU to reconnect with that young dreamer inside of you, and to take some action. We’re giving you $100,000 to give away to any Canadian charity. No strings attached. Just go to Chimp.net/giveon and you’ll get $10 right away. Add another $10 into your Chimp charity account, and we’ll double it. No questions asked.

There are inspiring people around us, who still keep that fire burning for justice and making change. There are people who step outside their front doors, and see right and wrong and everything in between, and are everyday superheroes in their communities. They don’t let anything get in their way. We’ve profiled these inspiring changemakers in our interview series On Purpose.


We launched #GiveOn this week with the help of some of the awesome folks from On Purpose, Big Rock Urban Brewery, and Daily Hive. It was an awesome opportunity to meet and connect with some of Vancouver’s most socially engaged people while toasting the accomplishments of some of the city’s many community organizations. We also enjoyed a spirited panel discussion with Janice Abbott of Atira Women’s Resource Society and Katrina Pacey of Pivot Legal Society, who told us a bit about what led them from more traditional careers to charity mavens.

We’re not asking you to quit everything and jump on the Sea Shepherd or strap yourself to an old growth tree in the rainforest. We’re just asking you to pause and to take a second, to think about what you care about, and to take the first step in taking some action. Nothing more. Just visit Chimp.net/giveon now to claim your money for charity. There literally isn’t a reason for you not to do it.

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